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We Are Utterly

Utterly Ice Cream is an artisan ice-cream company based in Malaysia, with national distribution.?We supply a wide range of ice cream and gelato to cafes, restaurants, and hotels across Peninsular?Malaysia.

Malaysia Ice Cream Supplier

Our Products

Premium ice creams with quality ingredients at super affordable price delivered to your doorstep.


Our customers say

Mohn Hassan
Founder at H's Cafe

I'm Mohn Hassan, the owner of the H's cafe in Damansara Uptown. customers have always tell me our ice cream are awesome! Super satisfy with Utterly's products, highly recommended if you're looking for icecream or gelato distributor in town.

Cafe Entrepreneur

We have been using Utterly's ice cream since day 1 we started our cafe in Penang. High-quality ice cream with fast delivery. Kuddos to the team behind! 5 stars to the best ice cream supplier in Malaysia.

Edward Ng
F&B Manager

Looking for ice-cream distributor in Malaysia? Well, look no further. Utterly Ice Cream is our number 1 choice when it comes to make?the dessert in our restaurant.

Hotel Manager

Hi, name is?Lavik, hotel manager at Subang. Our hotel has been sourcing ice cream for Utterly 1 year ago. The delivery is always on time. Adore the taste and most importantly our customers?love it too!


Utterly Ice Cream is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ice cream in Malaysia. We supply a range of ice cream products to cafes, western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, hotels, wholesalers and distributors. We manufacture products including:

  • Premium ice cream, gelato, and sorbet for supply to restaurants, cafes, hotels, chains, and caterers
  • Customised ice cream products, including OEM and private label ice cream products under your business brand name
  • Ice Cream Cakes made using our premium ice cream delivered to major cities in Malaysia

Ice Cream Is For Everyone

Our premium ice cream is also available to retail customers in Peninsular Malaysia and can be ordered directly from our online store. You can also have Utterly Ice Cream during your office party, weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, or any other happy events, because our ice cream makes people happy!

Retail customers may enjoy ordering directly from us through our online store, where we offer free ice cream delivery in Malaysia?for orders above RM100. We have served thousands of customers for their corporate events, weddings, private parties, or to simply satisfy a simple craving for something that overcomes us all from time to time – ice cream!?Read more about us here.

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